Fire protection systems

Diesel driven fire main pumps Jockey pumps Local control panel ASIB compliance NFPA compliance Ring main design Sprinkler system design Reticulation system Foam systems Gaseous fire suppression systems Portable fire extinguishers Hose reel and hydrant systems Water hammer prevention System hydraulic design Management of documentation and record keeping for the following: o LPG COC’s o Electrical COC’s o Water use permits o Fire department certificates 16.1 & 16.2 appointments Statutory inspection requirements for pressure vessels and pressurised piping systems End user utility consumption Emergency response plans and procedures SIL determination to IEC 61508/511 LEL gas detection systems Fire detection systems (UV & IR) Smoke detection systems Fire, gas and smoke alarms / sirens and beacons Local fire panels Programming of fire signals to DCS, ESD or local control centre PLC OHS act compliance audits Commercial, Industrial and domestic compliance audits to LPG SASA Meter calibration auditing LPG COC compliance Gas reticulation systems SANS347 documentation and compliance Prepaid and remote gas metering networks Design, supply and installation of: Water meter stations, commercial and domestic Prepaid water metering systems


OHS Act and Legal Compliance Management
Gas and smoke detector systems
LPG supply and distribution systems
Water Metering