With   experience   in   both   manufacturing   operations   and   design,   Cross   EPC’s   process   engineers   can   address all   aspects   of   the   project   from   a   practical   as   well   as   a   theoretical   perspective.   Cross   EPC   combines   extensive knowledge   of   unit   operations   with   the   ability   to   partner   with   technology   suppliers   to   ensure   the   client derives maximum benefit. The   successful   completion   of   designs   and   specifications   for   multi-disciplinary   projects   is   achieved   by   the availability   of   a   full   spectrum   of   engineering   and   design   services.   All   designers   and   engineers   are   selected   on the basis of industry-specific experience and know-how. Cross   EPC   continuously   strives   to   timeously   deliver   the   most   cost-effective   designs   early   on   in   a   project   to minimise costly changes and additions during later phases.


Althorough   approach   to   the   conceptual   design   phase   of   a   project   can   prove   critical   to   its   overall   success   or failure.   Cross   EPC’s   multi-disciplinary   engineers   come   from   a   variety   of   backgrounds,   many   having   worked directly   for   operating   companies.   This   gives   a   broad   understanding   of   operational   constraints   which   may exist   both   in   project   design   and   implementation   and   allows   the   formulation   of   appropriate   strategies   to meet key objectives.   Cross   EPC   is   able   to   propose   alternative   processing   schemes   and   plant   configurations   for   evaluation during   the   concept   selection   stage.      Cross   EPC   can   also   address   constructability   issues   at   an   early   stage,   in some    instances    identifying    parallel    activities    which    will    allow    for    early    project    completion    with    a corresponding improvement in return on investment. Cross   EPC   has   a   structure   built   on   the   foundation   of   quality   engineering   and   management   procedures, headed by experienced chartered engineers.