Cross   EPC   strives   to   continually   improve   its   services   and   project   delivery   by   agreeing   on   a   frozen   project design   basis,   scope   of   facilities,   project   execution   plan,   applicable   specifications   and   standards   and   the project   timeline.   Cross   EPC   commits   to   delivering   solid   project   performance   that   applies   equally   to   safety, quality, cost and time schedules. Cross    EPC    undertakes    to    operate    at    all    times    in    a    professional    manner    and    to    provide    sufficient    and appropriate    resources    to    succeed.    Cross    EPC    will    identify    opportunities    that    will    reduce    cost    and    time schedules, thus providing a "Value Added" service to clients. Cross   EPC   is   committed   to   establish   an   appropriate   execution   approach,   in   close   co-operation   with   clients,   to ensure   that   the   business   objectives   are   being   addressed,   by   structuring   its   approach   along   the   following guidelines: INNOVATION Every   project   is   different   and   therefore   requires   a   different   approach   to   execution   whilst   still   retaining   the fundamentals of quality, safety, governance and control.  Cross   EPC’s   success   is   dependent   on   the   commitment   and   innovation   of   highly   skilled   and   experienced personnel    and    its    strategic    contracting    partners.    Every    shareholder,    director    and    employee    realise    that commitment to innovation is the key to success. FLEXIBILITY & RESPONSIVENESS
Cross   EPC   is   a   flexible   company,   strengthened   by   its   contracting   partners   and   long-term   relationships   with recognized service providers. Cross   EPC   does   not   believe   that   a   one-size-fits-all   approach   could   work   on   projects   and   to   further   belief   in innovation, Cross EPC, therefore, commits to being flexible to its clients’ business and project needs. PARTNERING Strong partnerships result in the best projects. Ongoing escalating costs enforce this simple truth. Professional   and   direct   field   service   providers   recognize   that   their   ability   to   leverage   their   resources   without undue capital investment is through suitable partnering initiatives.  These   associations   bring   a   true   one-stop-shop   to   clients,   thereby   minimizing   efforts   and   costs   associated   with the appointment and management of numerous sub-contractors. Cross   EPC   also   extends   the   partnering   approach   to   include   its   clients.      Success   is   further   enhanced   by   early and   full   co-operation   between   the   client   and   the   project   team   ensuring   timeous   transfer   of   knowledge   and agreement of the scope. of COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Cross   EPC   offers   a   complete   range   of   engineering,   design,   consulting,   procurement,   construction,   simulation and project management services. Cross   EPC   has   been   involved   with   the   engineering   design,   procurement,   construction   and   commissioning   of processing plants across all sectors of the chemical processing industries. The   total   project   life-cycle   is   accommodated   within   the   range   of   services   provided,   from   idea   generation   to beneficial operation, and with world-class experience in execution of all the phases of a project.