Detailed design of natural gas fired power station Full EPC lump sum turnkey process for Chokwe HPCMS flow metering and pressure reduction station. Songo Songo Island Details engineering for CPF expansion Natural Gas Pipeline Compression Station Basic Engineering PFS for Soybean to Biodiesel Plant Natural Gas Pre-Cooling Detail Engineering CNG pre-feasibility and consulting studies for various clients Gas Processing Facility Expansion (Natural Gas) Basic Engineering, Early Production Facility (Natural Gas) Detail Engineering Pipeline flow assurance (+- 208 km), Existing and future plant capacity and economics Downstream pipe line verification (network simulation) LPG Extraction Concept Design Heat exchanger (tube wall thickness) test, Critically analysis for existing plant Heat exchanger verification Distillation Column Re-rating Platform and pressure vessel design and FEA Distillation Column replacement (ECP) Gas line design for feed into LM6000 turbines for natural gas or flare gas - Detail Engineering CBM - Pre-feasibility study for a 220km pipeline to Botswana Power Plant (250MW) Hazop - ABA Power Station, Nigeria Cross   has   design   a   number   of   high   pressure   natural   gas   installations   for   various   clients   in   Westen,   Southern and   Eastern   Africa,   ranging   from   high   level   screening   reports   to   detailed   engineering   design.      Cross   is   also the   detailed   engineering   consultant   to   Group   Five   for   the   Kuvaninga   Power   Station   that   includes   the   design and   commissioning   of   the   fuel   gas   supply   pipeline   downstream   of   the   HPCMS   battery   limits   into   the   Power Station. MOZAMBIQUE Cross EPC was responsible for the clearing, cleaning and preparation of the area before the project could commence.  A road was built, and two pipelines were set up, running from the supplier line to the Power Station.  Ground surfaces were lifted by 1.5m and compacted.  Once the ground preparation was completed, the (HPCMS) was built on top.  Platforms were built and all civil work completed.  Packing piers were built and laid out with paving stones. Condensation Pots These pictures shows the process from manufacturing of the condensation pots until the pot is rolled out at the Kuvaninga Power plant in Mozambique. TANZANIA Basic Engineering of Condensate tanks for PAT, Tanzania ST. HELENA Full Engineering design of bulk fuel facility - St. Helena Airport project for Basil Read


Cross EPC was responsible for the complete project from site establishment to demobilising.
Cross EPC was responsible for the Manufacturing, welding, galvanising, packaging, shipping and implementation of the Condensation Pots.